4 Facts that Novices Should Know about Contour Surveying in Residential Areas

Almost all states and territories in Australia require that land developers conduct a contour survey before the commencement of any development. A contour or topographic survey is a 2-D or 3-D map that shows the elevations of property together with all naturally occurring and artificial features such as drainage, vegetation, adjacent structures and utilities. Some of the attributes in a topographic survey include, but not limited to size, location, elevation and height.

How to Paint a House to Make it Safer for Parents with Dementia

If you have a parent with dementia moving into your family home or you simply want to renovate their home, safety is one of the most important things to keep in mind. One way to make a home safer is to repaint is; here are 2 repainting tips to keep in mind before you call in a residential painting service. Create Contrast One good way to help your parent navigate is to create greater contrast between walls and furnishings.

5 Reasons You Should Choose Treated Pine

Pine decking is becoming increasingly popular among Australian households. If you are working on a construction job that involves laying a new deck, you should seriously consider using treated pine. Treated pine offers a range of benefits over untreated wood. Below is a guide to everything you need to know. Treated pine looks great  Treated pine is manufactured by injecting a preservative into the wood. This preservative keeps the wooden surface looking great throughout the year.

Replacing Your Garage Doors? Choose an Insulated Option

Individuals that are looking to replace their garage doors will probably focus on what style they would want to increase the kerb appeal of their property. Although this is a great approach, you should also consider whether you should opt for the non-insulated varieties or their insulated counterparts. Non-insulated garage doors may be more economical, but they will not offer you much regarding functionality. Insulated garage doors, on the other hand, may have a higher sticker price but they do provide numerous advantages to make up for this difference in price.

Configurations Under the Roof Making Your Eyes Cross? The Lingo of Exposed Roof Trusses in Design

Pitched roofs are very common in single-family houses. They serve to shed water and snow and have been around for centuries. Under the sloping roofs, tucked above the ceiling and hidden away in the attic, sits substantial structural components of the house known as roof trusses. When they are not resisting lateral wind forces or transferring vertical loads of snow down the roof, trusses give scale and rhythm to a space when exposed.