Planning To Remodel Your Shop? Here's Why You Should Defit It First

Remodelling your shop can be complex and expensive. Therefore, all decisions you make before and during the project must be well thought out. Mistakes can leave you with a significant number of losses, cost-wise and in terms of an ineffective layout or remodel. Like most people, a shop defit or strip out is the last thing you might consider before remodelling your shop. It entails removing the interiors of your shop, including the furniture, flooring, ceiling, electrical and mechanical systems, ventilation, lighting, partitions (non-load bearing), etc. It appears costly, time-consuming and unnecessary. However, a strip out before remodelling is beneficial in many ways. Here's why.

Safety Improvement

Defitting your shop can enhance its safety before you renovate it. The process makes it possible to detect and remove potentially hazardous systems and materials that would have otherwise been unnoticed. For instance, strip outs can help detect materials that contain asbestos. Remodelling your shop without knowing the existence of such materials could pose critical health risks to everyone later on. Defitting will help you know the existence of such materials, assess their hazardous levels and identify proper ways to manage them.

Mould and bacteria are other hidden hazards you may not know. Generally, mould and bacteria can cause respiratory issues and infections for your workers and customers. Strip outs can expose such risks, enabling you to find solutions before your remodelling project.

Structural damage, fire hazards and electrical hazards are other critical issues that may become apparent during a defitting exercise. Therefore, don't overlook a strip out because it can help enhance your shop's safety level.

Cost-Saving Benefits

Shop remodelling can be expensive. Therefore, you will need to find all the ways to save on costs. While it may seem counterintuitive, defitting the shop is a solution worth trying. First, the process is typically done by professionals who do the job well, preserving and sorting out any important and re-usable materials. From furniture to old shop equipment, lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures, etc., you can sell such items and earn some money to use elsewhere on your remodelling project. Overall, defitting prevents wastage.

Strip outs will also reveal underlying issues, which can save you a significant amount of money down the line. For instance, you will be able to identify structural issues, worn or damaged insulation, electrical issues, plumbing problems, etc., during a defitting exercise. This gives you a chance to fix them early. Dealing with such issues after your remodel could be costlier because they may have become more severe and more complex to fix.

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