Acoustic Panelling: Three Central Tips for Promoting Optimal Sound Management

If you are struggling with sound management in your home or office, you should consider installing acoustic panels in your building. Acoustic panelling is beneficial if you are looking for an efficient solution for soundproofing. This type of product will minimise the penetration of noise and subsequent disruption of your peace. The panelling is also a good option if you are hoping to improve the flow of sound in a specific room.

Is Flushable Cat Litter Blocking Your Toilet?

Switching from standard cat litter to a flushable brand makes some sense. You wouldn't dream of putting regular litter down the toilet, but a flushable alternative looks like an easy way to get rid of your cat's used litter. Flushable litters are made from biodegradable materials like woods or grains. Technically, you can dispose of this kind of litter down the toilet because it will eventually break down in water. However, this isn't guaranteed to work, and you may find that even flushable litter blocks your toilet.

Choosing Cooling Tower Fill and What You Must Have at Your Fingertips

Naturally, manufacturers make cooling towers in such a way that they can cool water within the shortest possible period. Their designs also aim at reducing the energy consumption of the tower as it cools the water in the system. For manufacturers to achieve both objectives, they must make sure that the water runs over a large surface area where it will lose a high amount of heat. They use cooling tower fill to maximise contact between the air and the water.