Causes Of Foundation Cracks And Signs That You Need Immediate Repairs

Your house is probably the most important asset that you own. For that reason, you likely take various measures to keep the different elements of your house in top conditioning. However, one part of your house that is not easily accessible is the foundation. For this reason, it is vulnerable to damage, more so if it is exposed to threats that could have a negative influence on its integrity.

Fortunately, catching any form of damage in time can go a long way in restoring the condition of your foundation. Considering that cracks tend to be the most common culprit of foundation damage, this piece delves into a few of the causes of these cracks and the signs that should alert you to the need for immediate repairs.

What are the primary culprits of foundation cracks?

  • Soil settlement: The settlement of the earth beneath the foundation tends to be a typical reason why this structure develops cracks. In some cases, the soil may become too weak to support the weight of the house. This loss of stability may be due to slippage, flooding, shrinkage and even dryness. When the soil starts to settle, it also causes the foundation to settle unevenly. The typical remedy for this is having damage contractors support the weakened soil with slabs and piers.
  • Soil movement: While this may sound similar to settlement, it is not. Soil movement refers to the soil expanding and subsequently shifting out of place, whereas settlement refers to the earth sinking. The movement is usually brought on by soil expansion, which leads to moisture being caught in between the earth and the foundation. In some cases, the movement can be brought on by aridity since the soil shrinks and moves out of place, leaving a void between the foundation and the earth. Whatever the cause, soil movement will lead to cracks in the foundation.
  • Root ingress: Another natural cause of foundation cracks is root intrusion. This issue tends to affect homeowners with large, old trees on their property. If you have experienced a burst pipe due to root intrusion before, your foundation could have developed cracks due to this same problem.

How do you discern the need for foundation crack repairs?

Foundation cracks may seem to be an innocuous problem if they have not caused structural damage to your home. You should note, though, that they will progressively begin to adversely influence the integrity of your house in its entirety. If you begin to notice sticky windows, uneven flooring, gaps between the door and window framing or other signs that your foundation is shifting in an unwanted way, it is imperative to seek foundation crack repairs.