3 Ways to Reduce Dog Scratches on an Engineered Wood Floor

If you want to install an engineered wooden floor in your home and you have a dog, then you might worry that your pet's claws will affect the flooring. You can see your dog careering across a smooth wood surface, leaving scratches behind it as it runs along and comes to a halt. While you may not be able to mitigate against the odd scratch here and there, you can install wooden flooring even if you have a dog and keep the floor in good shape.

Benefits You Will Enjoy from Tree Lopping

It is always good to invest in your backyard to improve the way your yard looks, and one of the ways to achieve this is through tree trimming. The green in your backyard reduces stress and it can be where you will spend time with your family. If there is a tree in your property, you should consider if it needs trimming. Asking an ordinary person is no use because they will not see the significance of trimming your tree.

Is Flushable Cat Litter Blocking Your Toilet?

Switching from standard cat litter to a flushable brand makes some sense. You wouldn't dream of putting regular litter down the toilet, but a flushable alternative looks like an easy way to get rid of your cat's used litter. Flushable litters are made from biodegradable materials like woods or grains. Technically, you can dispose of this kind of litter down the toilet because it will eventually break down in water. However, this isn't guaranteed to work, and you may find that even flushable litter blocks your toilet.

Finding the Right Grass for Your Garden

With summer coming up fast, people are starting to pay more attention to their gardens and what to change or fix for the upcoming hot months. As grass is practically the backdrop to every feature in the vast majority of Australian gardens, it is the most important thing to get right before you move on to other projects, and after a long winter, you probably have a few patches of dead grass or even whole areas where the grass has struggled to survive.

Concrete Kerbs: Advantages And Disadvantages

Concrete kerbs or edges, are raised lines of concrete that separates areas, be it a garden or a pavement.  When designing landscapes, kerbs might often be overlooked. However, don't underestimate the value of adding concrete edges; it can add great aesthetic value to the landscape, it helps to designate certain areas such as flowerbeds, and it acts as a deterrent for plants to grow outside of the designated area.  Concrete kerbs can be a great addition to any property, but the following considerations should be taken.