2 Ways Guided Drilling Cuts Your Cabling Project Costs

If you need to drill in a horizontal underground line to lay cabling, then guided drilling might be the best way to do this. This procedure helps you install underground infrastructures without breaking the overlying surface.

As well as being an effective horizontal drilling technique, guided drilling could also reduce your project costs. How can it save you money?

Get Faster Job Completion Times

If you use traditional ways of laying cables, then you typically need to dig trenches. You then insert your cabling in the trenches before filling them in again.

It takes time to create and fill in trenches. Plus, if you've had to break a surface, such as paving or a road, during the job, then you'll have to spend time resurfacing the areas you damaged when you are done. You might have a wait before you can connect your cabling and use it. This time could represent a lost opportunity cost.

If you use guided drilling, then you can get cables in the ground a lot faster. You don't need to do significant excavation or make-good work. You simply need access and exit points where you'll start and finish the work.

You put your horizontal drill into the ground at one of these points. You then guide it along underground as it cuts bore trenches for your cables. Once you feed in the cables and fill in access/exit points, then you're done.

Even if you run into problems underground, such as obstacles or other pipes/cables, then your drill can guide you around them to ensure you get a clear and safe path. Your job will be finished sooner, and you can start to use your cabling faster.

Reduce Labour and Equipment Costs

If you have to dig up surfaces to make trenches for your cables, then you need different kinds of equipment. For example, if you have to dig up a concrete surface, then you have to break the concrete and remove it. You then have to excavate earth out of your trenches.

You may need specialist drills, excavators or earthmovers, too. If you don't have the right machines or equipment, then you'll have to hire or buy them. Plus, you also have to factor in labour costs. The longer this job takes, the more money it will cost you.

If you use guided drilling, then the drill is the only piece of equipment you really need to hire or buy. You don't need to have a large crew digging trenches or filling them in again. You have minimal make-good expenses and fewer labour hours.

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