Do You Need to Find a Civil Works Company?

Are you about to get involved in civil works or a Government building project? Maybe you will oversee the construction of a new road or some other type of civil work? If you need to build a road, there are many things to consider first. Once the route has been planned, you must think about what materials will be used to build the road. In particular, consider how the road base will be constructed. Your chosen contractors must secure the limestone or crushed granite for the base, and know how to build the road base. If the soil under the road doesn't provide a sufficiently firm base, it may need to be boxed out and removed. Once the road base is in place, it can be graded and properly compacted to the correct depth and water-bound.

These processes are basic steps that many construction companies could undertake. However, civil works such as road base construction have another dimension that can cause problems for construction companies that don't specialize in civil works.

What makes civil works different?

Civil works might be laying a road base, conducting drainage work or building a new park. What all these jobs have in common is that they are completed for the Government. The work might be for the city authorities, the National Government or some other branch of the State, but it will always involve the State. Working with or for the State can offer companies several advantages, but there are also considerable challenges that not every company can handle. All construction projects have several stakeholders, but because of their scope, civil works frequently have far more stakeholders and can be significantly more complex than private sector projects.

The advantage of using a civil works company

If you need your civil works completed, it is always best to work with an established civil works company. Civil works companies will already have established procedures in place to allow them to satisfy all the stakeholders. Architects, engineers and surveyors may work alongside the construction workers, but because the project is for the State, there will also be additional stakeholders who will require regular progress reports and will want to provide input on multiple occasions throughout the project life. It is these additional stakeholders who will often create difficulties for non-civil works companies.

Most construction teams don't have suitable communication channels to pass information rapidly enough around the organization. A good civil works company will be familiar with large scale projects and can ensure that everyone knows what is happening as the project moves forward. Contact a local civil works service to learn more.