Building a Forever Home? 4 Reasons to Use Structural Steel

When it comes to building your dream home, you are less likely to start thinking of steel. Like many homeowners before you, you are likely to consider wood or concrete as your primary building materials, but how about thinking outside this box? With natural disasters, sustainability, and alternative materials heavily weighing on the minds of people looking to construct new homes, structural steel is consistently making waves, and for good reasons. 

Speedy Construction 

Time is money, and the last thing you want is to wait long periods before you can move into your new home. Due to its pre-manufactured nature, a structural steel building system arrives on the construction site ready for assembly, leading to minimal on-site labour, and your home can be erected quickly. Steel is also lightweight and easy to work with, making for an easy-to-install material that contractors won't have trouble working on. A whole frame can be erected in a matter of days, leading to an accelerated project schedule without many bottlenecks encountered along the way. 

Highly Versatile 

When building a forever home, the last thing you want is restrictions. Structural steel offers more design freedom when it comes to colour, texture, and shape compared to other construction materials. Steel, by nature, is a flexible material and can be moulded or shaped in any way for both the exterior and interior of your home. The material will allow your imagination to run wild and give your designers a chance to test the limits of their designs for a truly unique structure. 

Highly Durable 

Steel, quite simply, is stronger than most building materials and has a unique combination of properties that make it one of the most ideal construction materials. Today's structural steel is protected against corrosion, mould, pests and fire. Your new home will span decades without cracking, warping or rotting. It will also withstand high winds and earthquakes and, more importantly, protect your investment and loved ones against fires. 

Eco-Friendly Material

While the same cannot be said about most construction materials, structural steel is one of the most recyclable building materials there is, making for an eco-friendly home. As an eco-friendly homeowner, you want to leave the world a better place for the next generations. What better way to do that than considering low- environmental impact alternatives to commonly used construction materials? Structural steel can be re-used or recycled endlessly, which means nothing is wasted. 

It is clear that using structural steel has more benefits and fewer negative consequences in the long run compared to other building materials. Make sure to engage a qualified construction team to help you with a quality installation and a beautiful home.