Benefits of Brick Pavers for a Home

Gorgeous brick pavers suit many styles of homes, from whimsical cottages to grand mansions. Whether your aesthetic is modern, industrial or traditional, you can create brick surfaces that blend with the environment. Read on to discover further benefits of brick paving.

Not Prone to Cracking

Interlocking brick pavers fit together on a base of sand and gravel. As they're not set in cement, they can individually adjust during minor earth tremors. Conversely, a solid concrete slab can't adapt in this way, and it thus tends to crack in response to ground movements, causing damage to the paving.

Easy Repair

You can easily repair brick paving in any case. If a paver becomes stained or damaged, you can lift it out and lay a new one. This versatility allows you to restore a section of the paving or even move the pavers around and change the design. Solid materials like concrete slabs offer more obstacles. While you can repair cracks, it can leave a patchy look.

Underground Access

Interlocking brick pavers also let you access pipes and cables under the ground. For example, the plumbing may need repairs or internet cabling may require an upgrade. On the other hand, you may have to smash concrete to get access.

Convenient Installation

Brick pavers are also relatively easy to install. Steps involve excavating the earth, laying a sand and gravel layer, and compacting this base. Contractors then set the pavers closely beside one another to form the surface. The installation can go ahead so long as the weather conditions are moderate. On the other hand, pouring concrete depends more on the conditions. It needs warm enough temperatures to cure properly, and the entire process is weather sensitive.


Brick pavers bring an earthy appeal to a garden. They come in red, buff, orange, tan, and blue, for example. The hues won't fade as they extend through the clay, so you don't have to worry about sun exposure. You can intermingle different shades or create a uniform look. The varying colours let you get creative. For example, arrange the pavers so that red forms the centre of the area and blue-toned pavers form a border. You can also create patterns such as basketweave, herringbone, and running bond.

Tough and Safe

Brick pavers are also strong and can carry heavy vehicles on driveways. You can also spread them over the patio, paths and pool deck. The textured brick surface is not slippery, so the paving will remain safe during the rain and if pool water splashes over the bricks.