Reasons to Choose Concrete Polishing for The High Traffic Areas of Your Custom Home Build

While there are many advantages to constructing a custom home to suit your unique needs, a benefit that you should not take for granted is the flexibility to select the materials you want. Unlike prebuilt homes that have traditional supplies employed throughout the entire structure, a custom build presents you with the opportunity to choose materials based on the performance that you want from them. And one such choice is flooring.

Traditionally, hardwood floors have been the top selection for homeowners looking to add a touch of elegance to their living spaces. But this material does not do well when exposed to high traffic, making it unsuitable for foyers, hallways and more. A better-suited solution to consider is polished concrete. Although polished concrete is usually associated with commercial spaces, the following is a brief list of reasons to choose concrete for the high-traffic areas of your custom home build.

Concrete polishing adds a luxe touch to your interior floors

A major selling point of concrete polishing is how it transforms bland, non-reflective concrete into a shiny, high-lustre surface. This transformation can have a dramatic effect on the interiors of your home. For starters, the glossy surface easily reflects any light available. This characteristic is especially beneficial for entryways and hallways that tend to be riddled with shadows, making these parts of the home slightly unattractive.

In addition to the shine that polished concrete floors add, you also have the flexibility to choose any colour under the sun. Whether you want the polished concrete to match the adjacent walls, the upholstery in your home, the colour of your doors or even the balustrading on an elevated foyer, you have the complete creative freedom to do so.

Concrete polishing makes your floors incredibly robust

The second selling point of concrete polishing is how this technique automatically enhances the robustness of your concrete floors. Granted, unfinished concrete does offer a degree of longevity, and this is what makes it a popular solution for exterior flooring. However, continual exposure to foot traffic, moisture and so on will lead to chips, cracks and crumbling of the surface. Rather than choosing to install tiling over the concrete, you should have it polished instead.

Grinding and polishing the concrete creates a smooth surface that is then finished with an impermeable layer that makes the flooring resistant to moisture damage. Additionally, the polished surface is quite strong ,so it can withstand heavy traffic without acquiring chips or scratches. To top it off, all you need to do to clean the polished concrete is use some soap and water rather than industrial-strength chemicals.