Why You Should Use Engineered Floor Trusses for Your New Home Build

If you are building a home from scratch and with an eye on budget, durability and the environment, you need to choose your materials carefully. Therefore, when you look at flooring, you need to look at specially designed trusses that are made using engineered wood. Why is this the best solution?

Benefits of Engineered Wood

You may not be familiar with the concept of engineered wood. This type of solution features an upper layer made from "real" wood to enhance its appearance and provide longer life, with core board beneath to make up the base layer. This makes this particular type of flooring stronger and more stable so that it can put up with large temperature variation and a certain amount of moisture.

Cheaper and Sustainable

As fewer trees are used in its construction, the engineered wood truss is far more sustainable, so you will be able to reduce the size of your carbon footprint as a consequence. You'll also find that this approach is cheaper as it costs far less to manufacture.

Offsite Construction

Engineered wood trusses are typically made to a very specific design at a factory offsite and then shipped to your building plot according to a very precise schedule. You may save on transportation costs as well since an engineered wood truss will be lighter than the alternative.

Open Web Design

Builders and designers will normally use a flooring truss that has been built like a web and that can span a very large area. This type of open design is often found on the ground floor if it is elevated above a crawlspace. The web truss can also be designed with utility installation in mind to make it easier to connect all your services. Pipes and conduits can be run through holes that are built into the structure of the truss when it is originally assembled.

Strength and Versatility

Engineered wood trusses are remarkably strong and resistant to movement. This should make the structure of the house that much more rigid, and they will be able to support more weight. Consequently, your builders may be able to use this approach for not just the ground floor but upper floors as well.

More Information

Ask your architects, designers and builders to give you further information about engineered wood floor trusses. These projects should help you to save money and make your project more sustainable as well. Reach out to a professional for more information about floor trusses