5 Key Benefits of Directional Horizontal Drilling

In the past, the only option of installing utilities such as pipes was by destroying the landscape and then drilling trenches to lay the pipes. This process was not only long but also time-consuming and destructive. Directional drilling has changed the game. Horizontal directional drilling allows contractors to drill horizontally without digging across a large portion of land. This has opened up endless opportunities. Here are 5 benefits of horizontal directional drilling

Faster Installation 

The traditional open-cut method involved drilling downward and then across, which is very time-consuming. However, with horizontal directional drilling, the work will be completed much faster. The process will also displace less soil, meaning that there'll be less time required to bury and less waste to dispose of. Horizontal drilling is a much faster process, leading to faster installation of utilities. 

Ensures Durability

Horizontal directional drilling is effective and efficient. Therefore, it ensures the durability of the utilities laid. For example, if you're laying pipes in lakes or rivers or any other places exposed to water constantly, the process will be more effective and faster. Horizontal directional drilling places the pipes effectively in the ground, increasing the durability of the pipes. 

Less Disruptive

Horizontal directional drilling is less disruptive compared to the traditional open-cut method. Traditionally, the constant digging in different locations disrupts roads, paths and private and public property. However, with directional drilling, you protect the area where you're drilling, allowing you and people in the affected area to get back to normalcy fast without a lot of maintenance and cleaning costs. 

Fewer Chances of Contamination

Open-cut drilling involves the removal of the underground soil and piling it up on the topsoil. The mixing of the topsoil with the underground soil creates a risk for contamination from the inner soil wastes. With horizontal directional drilling, the soil isn't mixed at all. This also ensures the durability of pipes, since there's less contamination of the soil. 

Site Flexibility

With directional drilling, the process of selecting a site is more flexible. If you find an obstruction in your chosen path, you can easily change the direction of the drilling. For example, if you encounter utilities like gas or water in your path, directional drilling allows you to lower the path to a point that is lower than these utilities. Additionally, since it doesn't involve encroaching on road areas or areas of critical services, you won't need any special permits. This will reduce the complexity of the project and also speed up the installation process.

Horizontal directional drilling creates a simple, durable, and effective drilling process. Contact an expert contractor to begin the process.