Steps To Help Create an Effective Key Management Policy in Your Business

Mechanical keys play a critical role in the security of a business. That is why an effective key management system is vital. Though you may have sophisticated security measures, proper handling of your keys is important. As a business manager, you need to follow certain policies to ensure the keys are in the right hands all the time. Here are steps to help you create an effective keys management system. 

Look For Vulnerabilities in Your Key Control Policy

Before you create an effective policy for managing your keys, it is worth to look for any weaknesses you may have. Some firms have keys that are easy to duplicate. Once you notice these weaknesses, you will have a solid starting point. You can let the security experts know some of the vulnerabilities you found in your search.  

Make a Master Key

Your master key can work on all doors in your business. Master keys are helpful because they offer control over access. With these keys, you can limit people from accessing certain areas. You can also add an electronic access control as a complement to the master key unit. These electronic access control (EAC) systems need certain credentials for one to unlock a door. 

For instance, one will need to put in their card and fingerprint. That way, you can know who got into certain areas at specific times. These doors can prove helpful for sections that have your most valuable assets.

Rekey Your Building

You are ready to rekey your building after creating a master key. The key experts will take time to go over every door in your facility. They can then put up locks suitable for each area. Once you rekey the building, it will be simple to come up with an effective key control policy. You can prevent the wrong individuals from getting access to your keys. 

Create an Agreement for Key Holders

Once you rekey each door in your building, you now have a clean start. At this point, anyone receiving the keys should be prepared to sign a key holder agreement. The contract is important in creating a safer business environment. That is because each worker and contractor will be careful with their keys. Every individual holding a key will get to know what they should do and what to avoid. For instance, individuals will have to report lost keys instantly.


Keys play an essential role in the safety of your business. Therefore, you should not take your key management system for granted. Work with skilled contractors to come up with a strategy that will enhance the safety and security of your commercial facility. Reach out to a professional for more information about keys