Are You Thinking of Getting a Pergola?

You might have done your research and discovered that a pergola is a great addition to your home, either for is functional or aesthetic features. Regardless of the reason, you should ensure you make the right decisions. Here's what you should consider:

Pergola Frame Material

Based on environmental conditions, cost, maintenance, aesthetics, etc., you can choose between timber, stainless steel or aluminium pergola frames.


Timber is considered expensive mainly because it requires the use of hardwood (it has high durability compared to softwood). The hardwood is also treated to prevent rotting and attack from insects.

Aluminium is also a bit expensive, but it is cheaper than wood. It is lightweight and rust-, corrosion- and water-resistant. It is, however, not highly impact-resistant (it can dent upon impact).

Stainless steel can either be more expensive, the same price or cheaper than aluminium or timber. Why? Stainless steel has grades; these grades differ by the type and amount of alloys added to steel. Of course, the higher the amount or types of alloys added, the more durable steel becomes (steel is converted to stainless steel by adding particular alloys to it). Stainless steel is corrosion-, rust-, impact- and water-resistant.

Environmental Conditions and Maintenance

Environmental conditions can either be manmade or natural. These are conditions that can affect the durability of your pergola's material. When selecting a pergola material, choose the one that can withstand your area's environmental conditions.

Maintenance can be linked to environmental conditions in that you need to apply some measures to the pergola material you choose regularly to ensure that your environmental conditions don't harm it. Depending on the materials you choose, the measures can include painting, applying waterproof and insect repelling coatings, cleaning, etc.


This mainly depends on your tastes and preferences. You can choose different finishes for timber, stainless steel and aluminium.

Pergola Builders

When choosing a pergola builder, choose one who is licensed. You might find many pergola builders who are not licensed, and this does not mean they lack the skill; it is just satisfying to choose a pergola builder who is licensed because you know that the regulatory body that has issued the license to the pergola builder has vetted him or her and found that the builder is competent and reliable.

Choose a pergola builder who can handle the particular material you want for your frames. Some may have specialisations for all the materials available, but others might only have a specialisation for a particular material.

Pergola Roofing

You have so many options when it comes to pergola roofing that you can get overwhelmed. What should help you make a decision is first thinking of how you want the roofing to look. With a clear picture in mind, go through the designs available and their features. Doing this helps you see how you can modify your design or even choose a different one.  

To learn more about pergolas, contact pergola builders in your area.