2 tips for renovating a concrete patio

If you will be renovating your concrete patio soon, here is some practical advice that you might want to keep in mind.

1. Make sure that any concrete drilling work that needs to be done is carried out by a contractor

If your patio renovations will include the installation of fence posts around the patio, the fitting of support poles for a permanent awning or the installation of recessed lights on the floor of the patio, you will have to drill through the patio's concrete floor in order to add these new features. Whilst there are many parts of this project that you might be able to handle alone, you must have the concrete drilling work done by a contractor. The reason for this is as follows; only a professional who does this type of work regularly will have the level of proficiency that is needed to create relatively wide holes in the patio, without damaging the concrete near these holes.

If you have very little experience with concrete drilling, you may end up shattering the concrete paving nearby when making these openings. This could result in you having to pay to have the patio repaved and then having to wait for this new concrete to dry (which could take up to a week) before you could proceed with the other parts of the patio renovation project. As such, if you want to avoid prolonging the renovations or making them more expensive, then you should let an expert take care of this task.

2. Consider adding a fire pit

One feature that you should consider adding during the renovations is a fire pit. Building a pit of this kind on a concrete surface is quite straightforward, as concrete is not a flammable material and as such, you can construct a fire pit directly top of your patio without having to create a separate, non-combustible base for the pit first.

There are many reasons why it is worth doing this. Firstly, a fire pit will allow you to carry on using the patio during the winter months, as you can sit around this open fire and stay warm on chilly evenings. Secondly, a beautifully designed fire pit can serve as a very attractive centrepiece for a patio and make this space more visually pleasing. Thirdly, being able to safely light a fire in your patio area will mean that you can do some outdoor cooking, even if you don't have enough room for a full-sized barbecue station. For example, you can toast marshmallows over the flames or place a lightweight outdoor grill over the pit and cook things like vegetable kebabs and meat.

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