Ways to Use Timber Frame Trusses Outside the Home

When you think of timber frame trusses, you likely think of trusses for your home and new home building. What you may not think of are the many ways that timber trusses can be used on your property. These uses can enhance the look of your landscape, your kerb appeal and the value of your home. Here are a few ways to use these trusses and what you need to know about each use.

Covered Patio

One of the easiest ways to use timber frame trusses and upgrade your kerb appeal is to use them as the walls for a covered patio. Four trusses can be placed around the patio and the proper roofing put in place. This gives you an open and decorative look to the outside living area. You also have a suitable mounting area for retractable awnings, blinds or screens that can be useful throughout the year and the different weather conditions.


A carport is something that many people feel they can't upgrade. These areas tend to be traditional and very simple. The truth is that you can upgrade the look of your home, kerb appeal and the value of the home by using timber roof trusses to develop the carport. When spaced properly, they can give your carport a nice, covered look and feel that is an upgrade from the traditional roof and post models. They can also be designed to match the home so they become a true extension of the home and not simply an area to protect your car.

Pool Covering

If you have an outdoor pool, then you may currently have it uncovered. If you are using a cover, it is likely a screened-in area or overhang. The timber frame trusses can be used to outline the pool and create a upgraded look for the area. You can create a covered roof with the trusses as the base, and you can add lighting to the area. If you want, you can also add retractable screens to protect the area throughout the year. The area can also be equipped with security cameras and other options that can help with your privacy while you use the new covered area. 

If you are ready to use timber frame trusses to enhance your kerb appeal, contact your local contractor. They can help with options, designs and construction. They can also help you with questions you have about other uses of timber and timber trusses on your property.