Why Hire a Portaloo on a Trailer?

While you may have hired stand-alone portaloos for your construction sites in the past, there are times when hiring a trailer-mounted portable toilet may be a better idea. How do these products work and what are the benefits?

What Are Trailer-Mounted Portaloos?

If you hire a trailer portaloo, you get a regular portable toilet which is simply mounted on to a trailer. This trailer has wheels so it can be moved about and a locking mechanism to secure the cubicle in place. You'll also often get step access on the trailer so that people can get on and off it easily when they need to use the toilet.

While you can hire a single trailer, it's also possible to use trailers that can hold two or more toilets. Some are built to hold larger portable bathrooms that offer multi-toilet rooms or even additional features like showers.

What Are the Benefits of Trailer Portaloos?

While stand-alone portaloos suit many construction sites, they aren't always easy to get in the right place. For example, if you're working in a small construction area and have access problems, then it can be a headache to get a portaloo exactly where it will be most useful.

If you do have access problems, then it may simply be easier to use a toilet that comes with its own trailer. If you can get the trailer into your site, you can get the cubicle set up where you want it much more easily.

Portable toilets also often need to be winched on and off a site. Once they are in place, moving them can take some time and effort. This can be a problem if you need to move your portaloos into different areas as your site takes shape.

Bear in mind that you may not always be able to keep your toilets in their original location. As your work progresses, your toilets may need to be moved somewhere else when you need to do work where they are currently located.

You may need to get the hire company to do this for you; this may involve a wait until they can move the cubicle for you. If your toilets are mounted on to a trailer, then you can move them yourself whenever you need to.

If you think that using a trailer will be a good idea for your next site, talk to your portaloo hire company. They can tell you more about their trailers and how they work.