Three Tips for Maximising the Value of Your Subdivided Land

Dividing a large piece of land into smaller parcels of land is a smart way to increase the real estate value of the entire property. Private property owners usually divide their land because they want to either sell or develop it. If you're looking to subdivide your land and maximise its value, there are many things you can do to achieve your goal. 

Here are some important tips for you.

Figure Out the Best Use of the Land 

One of the key secrets to making maximum profit from subdividing your land is to establish the best possible way to utilise it. 

The first thing to do is to find out the land use zoning regulations. These regulations determine how the land in specific areas should be used. Generally speaking, local land is zoned for residential, commercial, recreational, or industrial use. Land in certain areas may be zoned for mixed use. Finding out what your land is zoned for is essential for obtaining government approval for development of the land.

Once you've established what your land is zoned for, it is important to look into the best possible use of the property. Consider factors such as the location and topography of the land, what is being done on neighbouring properties, the latest real estate trends, and many more. You may need to bring in a team of professionals such as building designers, architects, and professional property developers to determine the most appropriate use of space. Keep in mind that the subdivision layout design will impact the value of the entire subdivided property.

Make Sure Every Dollar Spent Counts

Proper cost control is critical to generating maximum profit through sub-division. You need to be thrifty with every dollar spent on dividing (and developing) your property. Working with a team of professionals who are conversant with local regulations can help save both time and money. Let these professionals know that you want to make the maximum profit while spending as little cash as possible. Accept a quote from contractors that are willing to work with your budget to achieve your goal.

Don't Get Too Thrifty With Space

If other property owners in your area are generally generous with space while you're too frugal with yours, your property might not sell as fast as other properties after subdivision. Make sure you allocate the right amount of space for things like gardens, driveways, and parking space. In some areas, the minimum acreage for the intended use of land is specified. 

Planning out your land division early enough and bringing the right professionals on board at early stages of your development can help to generate maximum profit from your property. Start the process by contacting a trustworthy land surveyor today.