Choosing Cooling Tower Fill and What You Must Have at Your Fingertips

Naturally, manufacturers make cooling towers in such a way that they can cool water within the shortest possible period. Their designs also aim at reducing the energy consumption of the tower as it cools the water in the system. For manufacturers to achieve both objectives, they must make sure that the water runs over a large surface area where it will lose a high amount of heat. They use cooling tower fill to maximise contact between the air and the water. Certainly, choosing quality cooling tower fill replacement is key to ensuring maximum efficiency by your cooling tower. The following discussion will teach you everything you need to know about cooling tower fill.

What Types of Fill Are Available?

There are two popular types of fill for cooling towers. They both have comparative advantages over each other depending on the operating conditions in the cooling tower.

Splash-Type: splash-type cooling tower fill makes the water flow through successful elevations stationed strategically in the cooling tower. The bars sit parallel to each in ascending order such that the water rolls over the bars as it flows through the system. The bars interrupt the smooth flow of water and force it to take longer in the channels, increasing the contact time it has with the air. In the end, the splash fill enhances the cooling effect on the water.

Splash fill needs level configuration and stable support. If this is not available, some sections will be devoid of water, and there will not perform any heat transfer. The water should also be free of dirt and suspended solids.

Film-type Fill: film-type fill is another alternative for cooling. It is renowned for its ability to function efficiently in cooling towers with cross flow or counter flow water systems. It also exposes a larger surface within packed volumes of water, making it a top choice for those with limited space in their cooling tower installations. Film-type fill comprises vertically oriented sheets that lie three-quarter of an inch apart along the channel of the water flow.

What Is the Best Build for Cooling Tower Fill?

Build is an important consideration when selecting cooling tower film. PVC is the best material for the build of the fill frame. You will not fret about rust deposits despite constant exposure of the film to water. To add on that, the build should also be self-extinguishing to reduce the risk of spreading fire in the systems whenever there is an outbreak.