3 Things to Consider When Buying a Skylight Window for Your House

A skylight window can bring in more natural light than some of the other windows in your home. That's because of its positioning on the roof. Unlike other windows that may be obstructed by landscaping features, a skylight has no obstructions, and this allows light to penetrate the house. The secret to enjoying the benefits of a skylight lies in making sure that you get the right skylight and position it correctly on the roof. Read on for some tips on things that you should pay attention to when buying a new skylight.

The climate of your area

Most skylights are not made from sturdy materials like those used for the roof. That's why you should consider the climatic conditions in your area. Are there times when there are hurricanes, hail, or a lot of snow? Does the sun get too hot during the summer? If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, you may want a sturdy material that can withstand the elements without damage. Acrylic is the most common material, and you can get one with glazing and UV resistance to prevent UV rays from damaging your furniture. However, if your area has inclement weather, you may want a stronger material such as laminated glass. This material not only prevents UV penetration, but it also performs excellently in areas where the weather can get crazy at certain times of the year.

Skylight design and capabilities

There are generally two types of skylights: fixed and venting. Fixed skylights are permanently installed on the roof and cannot be opened. For ventilation capabilities, you can install a ventilated strip or get a fan that can be turned on and off as desired. Fixed skylights are not prone to leaking, as you cannot open them after installation. On the other hand, venting skylights can be opened and closed to provide ventilation. While they are attractive, venting skylights can be prone to leaking due to the regular opening and closing. You have to install quality flashing and inspect it regularly for leaks.

Energy efficiency

When you are buying a skylight to increase energy efficiency in your home, you should ensure that you go for an energy-efficient window. Double or triple glazed skylights offer maximum energy efficiency, as they prevent heat loss from the house. You can make decent savings on utility costs just by having this fixture in your roof. That said, avoid single-glazed skylights, as they can be a source of increased heating costs in your house.

Work with an experienced contractor to ensure proper installation of your skylight. This is paramount to preventing leaks in your home. Contact skylight window manufacturers for additional information.