How to select the perfect trench grates for your drain

Trench grates are vital to cover floor drains. They allow access for water while at the same time preventing people or vehicles from making contact with the surface water being evacuated by the drain. When considering your choice of trench grates there are a lot of variables that you need to think about. If your grate is located on a steep driveway then the water intake capacity of the grate will be a major concern. On a driveway with a more gentle slope you may want to place more emphasis on the way the grate blends into the surrounding environment.

Which size trench grate should you choose?

The primary focus for any trench grate must be that the grate is the correct size to match the channel under the grate. If the existing channel you want to cover was designed to use standard trench grates then it should be possible to purchase something off the shelf. You only need to determine the dimensions of your channel and then choose a matching trench grate. If you are designing your own channel on site then it is a good idea to purchase your trench grates at the start of the work so you can be sure that the channel you build matches your grate.

What loads will the grate bear?

If your trench grate is in an area that experiences regular vehicle traffic then you must consider the weight of the vehicles that will be passing over the grate. Even if the grate is not in an area that normally sees many vehicles you can't ignore the possibility that there may be cars or the occasional delivery truck that will need to pass safely over the grate

What about pedestrian safety?

Loading bearing weight is not the only safety issue to consider with trench grates. If your grate is in an accessible pedestrian area then you must ensure that it is safe for pedestrians to walk over. You will need to think about the spacing of the bars on the grate and make sure that it does not pose a risk for people, bicycles, or even wheelchairs. If there is a lot of pedestrian traffic in the area then you might consider installing a heelguard product to avoid potential damage.

Is the grating access secure?

If the grating is in a secure location then perhaps all you will need is a basic boltdown system to keep over adventurous children out of harms way, but if the grate will be in a more open location then a secure method of keeping the grate closed may be needed.

Consider the characteristics you need from your trench grates will ensure that you can purchase exactly the right grates for your situation.