5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Marina Construction

If you're hiring someone to construct a marina for you, you are embarking on a huge project. Want to ensure your marina construction project is environmentally friendly? Then, consider the following.

1. Choose a Company With Experience Doing Eco-Friendly Work

When you are looking for a marina construction company, ask questions about previous work they have done, and in particular, ask about details related to environmentally friendly projects. The ideal company should be able to give you ideas on how to make the construction more environmentally friendly.

They should also be able to show you samples from previous eco-friendly construction projects, or they should be able to give you recommendations from happy eco-conscious clients.

2. Consult With Local Wildlife Officials

When building a marina, there may be specific elements that you need to think about in relation to the exact location of your project. To find out if there are any land or water creatures that you need to make special accommodations for, you may want to consult with local wildlife officials.

3. Focus on Minimum Disruption to the Land

Building a marina creates a lot of changes to the land. Ideally, you want to keep the shoreline as organic as possible. In addition, you also want to talk with the construction company about building methods that create minimum disruption to the water as well.

4. Look Into An Environmentally Friendly Wave-Attenuating System

A wave attenuating system is something that breaks the waves so they are more subdued when they roll into your marina. Unfortunately, some attenuating systems are not that friendly to the local fish. Luckily, you can ask your marina construction company to create a series of floating concrete docks that handle this task in an environmentally friendly way.

This approach ensures that the boats in your marina have calm waters, but it also makes it easy for fish and other marine life to pass through as needed.

5. Opt for Green Building Materials

Ideally, the materials used in your docks and pilings should be as environmentally friendly as possible. You don't want to use anything that leaches a toxic coating into the water. Beyond that, you want to choose materials that are designed to last. Fewer replacements means fewer materials will ultimately end up in the landfill.

To get more ideas on how to build an environmentally friendly marina, contact a construction company directly. They can give you ideas on everything from reducing petrol used in building to sourcing local materials to some of the ideas mentioned above.