Where to Add Mirrors Around the House for Both Function and Style

When it comes to adding style to your home, you may not think of using mirrors, but these pieces can brighten a space and make it look bigger, and help to reflect a nice view. Mirrors in certain areas of the home can also be very functional and help to ease crowding in a shared bathroom. If you're not sure of where and how to use mirrors in your home to add this style and function, note a few suggestions you might consider.

By the front door

There is nothing worse than leaving your home without first checking your appearance, and a mirror by the front door allows you to double-check that your clothes are neat and your hair is combed before you head out to the office. You can also use a mirror as a place to keep your phone, keys, and handbags. Select a thick wood frame to which you can add hooks and a small shelf, or use a frameless mirror and attach these along the bottom of the mirror. This can keep you organized so you don't misplace your keys and can always find your phone, handbag, or other such item when ready to walk out the door.


If you don't have a dresser with a mirror, you might want to add a mirror somewhere in the bedroom. This can open up a shared bathroom, as you can fix your hair or makeup in the bedroom rather than the bathroom every morning. Since the mirror provides a nice surface for hooks, as said above, you can add hooks onto this mirror and use them for necklaces or bracelets, as well as scarves or ties. This will open up space on the dresser or in the closet, also keeping that space organized.

Across from a nice view

It can be difficult to arrange the furniture in your living room or family room so that you can watch television and also enjoy the view out a window. A mirror placed across from that window, or along an adjacent wall, can allow you to see both, so you can enjoy that view without missing your favourite TV show. You might do the same in the dining room. A mirror across from the window can allow everyone at the table to enjoy the view, even if they're not facing the window. Wherever there is a nice view in the home, place a mirror across or adjacent to it so you can enjoy that view from a variety of spaces in the room.