Top Considerations When Choosing Lighting for Your Bathroom Renovation

It is important to know you can transform the look and feel of your bathroom with your choice of lighting. If you want a sleek, up-to-date retreat and stylish outlook for your bathroom, remodelling would require a wide range of lighting considerations. To find a suitable lighting fixture that will reconcile what you have in mind and reality when remodelling, you'll need to weigh up some factors.

Here are a few considerations to make before settling on a bathroom lighting fixture:


When choosing lighting for your bathroom renovation, purpose is a major consideration. To get the best luminescence and style for your bathroom renovation, functionality of specific lighting should guide you. You need to ask yourself what purpose does a light serve, and will it give you the look you want for your bathroom space? For example, you'll go for ceiling lighting because they not only provide ambient lighting, but also they are an incredible way of adding fresh style to your bathroom when renovating. Colour is also a great way of creating size perception. If you have a small bathroom, you can consider choosing light luminescence. This will create a larger bath space perception than it really is.

Managing the colours

When remodelling your bathroom, managing your lighting colours should get a big deal of attention. Unless you are choosing several colour matches for your design, avoid excessive use of lighting colours. One sure way of getting it wrong is illuminating your bathroom with a full-on rainbow look. Therefore, you should limit the number of colours you use so as to achieve a stylish and appealing look. Apart from creating a spacious perception, recessed lighting comes in all kinds of colours. It has a soft, descending glow towards the floor; you need to settle on the colours that would best work for your bathroom. 


Lighting is just an excellent way of managing your bathroom space. When you have a large bathroom and you feel you need to make it look smaller, you should consider using dark colours for lighting. While light-coloured bulbs help create a large room perception, dark-coloured lighting will give a smaller room size perception.

The best way to add a truly functional and aesthetic bathroom lighting is to think outside the box. You can blend in lighting options taking into consideration functionality, your bath space and colour management while maintaining a sense of originality. For assistance, you can consult an expert in home renovation.