Considerations before Performing A Building Demolition

Imagine you are living in an old house that has survived centuries and is considered structurally unfit for living. The next step that would be taken is the demolition of the building. In most cases, building demolition is done to allow for newer, safer and stronger structure that is habitable. Nonetheless, when carrying out building demolition, especially old ones, care has to be taken. Remember safety is important for all. Here are some of the issues that must be considered before commencing the building demolition by the damage contractor:

Inspecting for Hazardous Materials

Prior to beginning the building demolition, it is necessary to have a hazardous inspection. Some of the hazardous materials that need to be checked on include lead, asbestos, mercury, alkaloids, ammonia, carbon and corrosive chemicals. It is only prudent that before building demolition begins, professional inspectors identify the hazardous materials present that may even have been missed during the initial inspection.

Get a Demolition Permit

Before you commence the building demolition, a permit is necessary. Having a permit helps in avoiding the occurrence of any legal problems. Most lawsuits are often expensive and it would be tiresome to have demolition costs and at the same time lawsuit costs. The permit is acquired a few days before the demolition begins and not the exact day. If you want to have a seamless and stress-free demolition then play by the rules as dictated by the city inspector.

Proper Planning with Demolition Contractor

It is very important that information is provided to the demolition contractor. Some of the information that can be shared include the reasons for demolition and the manner in which you wish to go about it. While planning, have a list and be aware of the issues that need to be fixed regarding the demolition project. This ensures that building demolition becomes satisfactory and everything needed to be factored in.

Check the Safety Program of the Contractor

To have a successful building demolition, one needs to go for a contractor who has an elaborate safety program. The contractor must have a safety program that is easy to comprehend and relayed to all the members of the demolition team. Querying the safety program is essential to understand the extent of protective equipment on site prior to the demolition works.

Give a Notice to the Utility Companies

Before going on with the demolition, it is advisable to inform your utility companies such as water, gas, electrical and communication companies. When informing them, they need to be given a solid schedule. Proper arrangements must be made to ensure that supply is stopped to safeguard any likely dangerous accidents from happening.

When you follow the exact rules, building demolition can be simple and less dangerous to the people involved.