5 Ways to Protect Your Home or Business

Do you know that reported break-ins in Australia reach around 200,000 per year? And are you aware that 20 percent of the reported burglaries are repeated break-ins? Property burglaries constitute a significant crime hotspot, with thieves targeting portable valuables like credit cards, cell phones and cameras Protecting your home or place of business is therefore essential to not only secure your valuables but your safety as well. Here are some tips to assist you.

Install an Alarm

An alarm is a time-tested deterrent against burglars, whether in the home or place of business. If you haven't installed one yet, shop around for the provider with the best emergency response times. Research online and talk to existing and former clients to get insight into customer service. If you do have one in place, make a habit of scheduling regular battery checkups. Inspect the monitors to confirm that they are fully functional. 

Get A Safe

A safe provides an extra layer of security both at home and in a place of business. Should a burglar succeed in breaking into your property in your absence, a safe protects your most valued items. Ensure that you get a safe that can withstand lock-breaking attempts for better integrity. 

Install Security Screens

Security screen doors are a great option against break-ins, as they are explicitly designed to keep intruders out of the premises. Before purchasing one, confirm whether it conforms to the Australian Standards for Security Screens to avoid investing in a substandard product that puts you at risk. Contact companies like Southern Screen Scene to learn more.

Install CCTV Cameras

Internet-connected security cameras are an effective deterrent against would-be thieves. Place them in areas where an outsider can easily see them at a glance. You can put up signage to alert people that the property in question is under surveillance to discourage any security breaches. Internet-enabled cameras stream live video footage to your phone or any other device of your choice for you to remotely control your office or home security. 

Close Garage Doors

A significant portion of break-ins occur when perpetrators gain access through an unsecured garage. Keep your garage door closed at all times. Since garage door locks are easy pickings, buttress yours with a padlock or deadbolt.


Securing your property is vital to promoting your safety and protecting your valuables. Thieves who break into a property are more likely to come back and attempt a second invasion. Combine several approaches to secure your home or business.