Home Automation? Here are 3 Ideas to Get You Started

Technology in the home has made various manual tasks easier through automation. New applications have arisen for different use cases that add value to homeowners in all sorts of areas. While home automation is still a relatively new topic for many people, there are immediate and easy applications that can change the flow of daily activities. Some of these include:


Home lighting has come a long way from a few bulbs each controlled by a separate switch. There is a whole new array of control systems to automate your home. You can adopt a smart lighting platform of your choice that connects all the bulbs to a central control point. The bulbs ND the control points are all connected via Wi-Fi for easy programming from your cell phone or another device.

You can also set various profiles to suit your use, e.g. time your lights to turn on when you're not home and dissuade any would-be burglars. You can set a profile that turns the lights on when you're driving or walking in and turn them off when there is no one in the room. 

Garage Doors

Garage doors are also receiving an automation boost to bring more value to them. If you do not already have automatic garage doors, you can start by converting them from manual ones. A garage door installation professional will take care of the setup, fix the tilt garage door openers so that you can program them as you desire, etc. 

You can add a keypad entry mechanism to secure your garage with a unique passcode of your choosing. You can add a Wi-Fi-enabled camera that gives you a real-time video feed of your garage.  

Security Systems

One of the emerging use cases for home automation that resonates with homeowners is security control. Wi-Fi enabled CCTV systems provide a real-time video feed of your home to your cell phone or another device. In case of a break in they can capture footage and send you an emergency text alert as well. 

Electronic deadbolts automatically lock and unlock your home, and you can secure them with your fingerprint or a pass-code. Your automated security protocol can be programmed to turn on all the lights in case of a detected intrusion.


Technology has made an impact in the home just as it has in every other area of life. It is increasingly becoming much easier to set previously mundane house tasks for remote or automatic operation by both software and hardware for convenience.