Why Should You Fit Your French Doors with a Multi-Point Locking System?

French doors are great. They provide floor-to-ceiling views out from your property, letting light in and allowing you to open them wide if you ever want to bring in a breeze. Unfortunately, French doors also suffer from a significant disadvantage – they aren't as secure as regular doors. This is partly because you can see right through them, but it's also down to the fact that conventional locks aren't as effective at foiling the efforts of potential burglars.

Luckily enough, you can always fit your French doors with a multi-point locking system.

Increased Security

A multi-point locking system uses multiple locking points – usually at least three – that all lock simultaneously when you turn the key. Instead of having just one locking point holding the doors shut, there are several operating at once. As such, multi-point locking is extremely important for security. Such systems are very hard for burglars to pick or damage. If they want to get through, they'll pretty much be forced to smash the glass, and very few will take that path due to the unwanted attention it will attract.

Improved Efficiency and Weatherproofing

Don't let yourself think that the benefits of multi-point locking are solely centred around security, even if security is the reason why most people have them installed. One further issue with French doors is heat loss – after all, even double-glazed windows let out more heat than walls or standard doors. Additionally, French doors are more likely to develop seal problems. A multi-point locking system uses compression bolts to hold the door tight, ensuring an airtight seal. Some systems even offer additional bolts to secure the top and bottom frame. Tightening the door in this manner helps prevent heat from escaping and improves weatherproofing.

Additional Durability

Most people assume that a locking system that uses more moving parts will be more likely to suffer from reliability issues. However, that rule just doesn't hold true for multi-point locking systems; in fact, their ability to hold a French door in place tighter than other locks improves the durability of both door and lock. With conventional systems, the door's weight is handled at a single point, so the strain isn't very well distributed. This can lead to premature lock wear, and the lack of a proper hold can make the French door fit poorly. Just one more reason why using a multi-point locking system is the smart thing to do.

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