Constructing a Shed? Here Are Popular Roofing Materials to Consider

If you are constructing a shed, chances are you are going to take careful consideration on which materials the structure will comprise to ensure that it is both durable as well as comfortable. However, other than the walls, it is also essential to carefully select what builders hardware would be best suited to the shed's roofing too. Asphalt shingles may be a conventional roofing option, but they are not your only solution. Bear in mind your roofing materials will directly affect the energy efficiency of the shed too. Below are other favourite roofing materials that you could consider for your shed.

Wood shakes

One of the main advantages of wood shakes is they are available in various species of timber, so you can find shingles that would fit whatever budget you have. Some of the more common timber species used in the manufacturer of these shakes include pine, redwood and cedar. Wood shakes are great builders hardware for a shed as they add a rustic appeal to this secondary structure, mainly if you have had the shed constructed with timber. Nevertheless, wood shakes do have a few drawbacks with the most prominent con being their lack of fire resistance. Therefore, this type of roofing material may not be suitable if your area is prone to experiencing bushfires.

Clay tiles

If longevity is crucial for your shed's roof, then clay tiles would be an excellent investment for your structure. Although clay tiles happen to be one of the expensive options available, you should not get sticker shock since the shed will not require as many roofing supplies as a primary structure would. Thus, you can afford to buy premium materials for it! Clay tiles are highly reflective, which translates into enhanced solar insulation for your shed. This feature is ideal if you plan to use the shed as an exterior living space as the ambient temperatures will not get too high. Moreover, the tiles come in an assortment of textures, colours and styles, which will boost the appeal of the shed. The main drawback of clay tiles is they are significantly heavy. Your building contractors would have to reinforce the roofing trusses of the shed to make sure they will be capable of carrying the weight of these roofing materials.

Metal shingles

Metal roofing supplies are tremendously popular builders hardware as they offer a broad range of benefits. Firstly, the reflective surface of the metal roofing will ensure your shed remains cool all year round. Secondly, the high durability of metallic materials will also save you the cost of unnecessary roofing repairs. Some of the types of metals that you could consider include aluminium, stainless steel and even copper if your budget is flexible enough!