What Your Contractor Needs To Consider When Building Your Concrete Driveway

Having a beautiful entrance adds to the pomp of your home. The concrete driveway finalises the look of the house while at the same time ensuring you have a presentable appearance. This will make sure that the driveway looks appealing even for years. To achieve durability, there are certain steps which have to be followed by the contractor during the period of installation. The perfection of the driveway highly relates to the amount of work put in by the contractor as well as their qualification in doing this. Here are some of the things your contractor should consider when building your concrete driveway.

  1. Precisely Placed Joints – When laying down a pavement structure for your driveway, the contractor has to ensure that the joints are accurately set. Over time, this will guarantee that there are no random cracks on the concrete slabs. One of the tools that can assist in this is a control joint that dictates the spacing between the concrete slabs. Having various cracks on your driveway will be very unappealing. They, however, will still have the ability to last longer as well as offer better service. Another thing your contractor should be aware of is that the creation of either triangular or rectangular pattern joints should be avoided. They should also consider the height of the control joints as this will also be a crucial factor to your defaced driveway. Your contractor should also be aware on how to install an isolation joint. This should be placed in the position where the driveway meets other already constructed parts such as slabs and the garage floor. When working with a contractor, insist that they produce a jointing plan which will cover the entire driveway completely.
  2. Curing Techniques – One interesting fact about concrete is that it becomes tougher with the addition of more water. The more water added during setting, the harder the concrete would cure. The contractor should ensure that after the concrete has been set, curing should follow as this is quite crucial to the structure and look of your concrete driveway. Not many people do consider this even during conventional house construction, the results, however, lead to the concrete being as much as 50% weaker. This will leave your driveway prone to the weather. Eventually, your driveway will end up having a lot of structural damage which emanates from the poor curing techniques. To cure your driveways completely, the contractor can use equipment such as the wet curing blankets, the use of plastic sheets as well as the spreading of liquid (water) which will result into a membrane that eventually assists in the curing process.