Configurations Under the Roof Making Your Eyes Cross? The Lingo of Exposed Roof Trusses in Design

Pitched roofs are very common in single-family houses. They serve to shed water and snow and have been around for centuries. Under the sloping roofs, tucked above the ceiling and hidden away in the attic, sits substantial structural components of the house known as roof trusses. When they are not resisting lateral wind forces or transferring vertical loads of snow down the roof, trusses give scale and rhythm to a space when exposed.

Three Crucial Pricing Considerations for a Building Demolition Project

Building demolition projects can be complicated and time-consuming processes. Moreover, they require specialised equipment and experts in the field for success. Therefore, if you are thinking about bringing down your home or other structure, you should plan the project carefully. One of the critical aspects that you should think about before commencing is the cost. If you fail to budget correctly, you might end up with damaged property due to incomplete demolition.

Where to Add Mirrors Around the House for Both Function and Style

When it comes to adding style to your home, you may not think of using mirrors, but these pieces can brighten a space and make it look bigger, and help to reflect a nice view. Mirrors in certain areas of the home can also be very functional and help to ease crowding in a shared bathroom. If you're not sure of where and how to use mirrors in your home to add this style and function, note a few suggestions you might consider.

Top Considerations When Choosing Lighting for Your Bathroom Renovation

It is important to know you can transform the look and feel of your bathroom with your choice of lighting. If you want a sleek, up-to-date retreat and stylish outlook for your bathroom, remodelling would require a wide range of lighting considerations. To find a suitable lighting fixture that will reconcile what you have in mind and reality when remodelling, you'll need to weigh up some factors. Here are a few considerations to make before settling on a bathroom lighting fixture:

Considerations before Performing A Building Demolition

Imagine you are living in an old house that has survived centuries and is considered structurally unfit for living. The next step that would be taken is the demolition of the building. In most cases, building demolition is done to allow for newer, safer and stronger structure that is habitable. Nonetheless, when carrying out building demolition, especially old ones, care has to be taken. Remember safety is important for all. Here are some of the issues that must be considered before commencing the building demolition by the damage contractor: