3 Considerations of Using Marine Transport for the First Time

If you have never used a marine transport service company, you may know what you need, but not what to look for. For example, you may know that you need your boat or fleet transported and the mileage of that transport. What you may not know are the small details that you will need to provide in order to get the proper transport service for your needs. Here are three of the considerations of using marine transport for the first time and how to navigate the first request.

Preparing the Boat

The first thing you need to consider is preparing the boat, or boats, you have for the transport. The misconception is that you either need no preparation or that the preparation is similar to docking prep. The truth is, you need to prepare the boat like you would if you were traveling to a destination. For example, if it is a fishing boat, prepare it as you would if you were traveling to your fishing grounds. Make sure loose items are secured. Items such as solar panels and other devices should be secure and stowed. Everything on deck should be secured and ready for safe transport just as normal.

Pilot Cars

You may hear the term pilot cars used when you are looking at marine transport services for the first time. The pilot car refers to the escort for your transport. This escort may be one escort ahead or beside your boat. If you have more than one boat that needs transport services, then the marine transport may use more than one pilot car. However, keep in mind that the use of a pilot car or escort will be based on the guidelines for your area of departure and your destination. Sometimes this may mean you get a choice, but oftentimes it may not.

Overnight Travel

When you see the travel times for the marine transport, you may notice that it will take longer than you first anticipated. This is because many marine transport services do not use overnight travel as an option. This is due to rules and regulations in most areas and safety concerns. You will need to plan for the lack of overnight transport and adjust your needs for the transport accordingly.

Once you have considered these key points of using a marine transport for the first time, you can call to schedule your services. The marine transport company can answer questions and offer you options if the first choice services are unavailable or don't fit with your specific issues and transport needs.