5 Reasons You Should Choose Treated Pine

Pine decking is becoming increasingly popular among Australian households. If you are working on a construction job that involves laying a new deck, you should seriously consider using treated pine. Treated pine offers a range of benefits over untreated wood. Below is a guide to everything you need to know.

Treated pine looks great 

Treated pine is manufactured by injecting a preservative into the wood. This preservative keeps the wooden surface looking great throughout the year. While you may occasionally need to sweep away dead leaves or brush away dirt and debris, you will not need to carry out any major maintenance on a treated pine deck.

Treated pine is low cost

Treated pine used to be more expensive than untreated wood. However, as technology has advanced, the cost of manufacturing planks of treated pine has fallen, and so has the price of each unit of wood at the local wood yard.

Treated pine is environmentally friendly

Treated pine used to be manufactured using a compound which contained arsenic. As you can imagine, when this arsenic entered the local environment, it posed a serious risk. Thankfully, modern treated pine does not contain any arsenic, which means that it is an environmentally friendly option for your residential decking.

Treated pine is resistant to fungi and mould

Untreated pine will absorb a lot of moisture when it rains. This moisture helps to create the perfect conditions for fungi and mould to grow on your deck. As well as looking and smelling very unpleasant, mould and fungi can actually weaken the wooden planks of your deck, making it unsafe to use. Any kind of organic growth may also make the surface of your deck slippery, which could lead to an accident. Thankfully, treated pine is waterproof, so it is resistant to fungi and mould.

Treated pine is pest resistant

Australia is full of creepy crawlies. Some of these pests, such as the wood termite, can cause serious damage to an untreated pine deck. The termites will burrow into the wood and will begin eating it. Over time, as the number of termites multiples, your wooden deck will eventually become unstable due to the amount of wood which has been consumed. Dealing with pests can be a costly and time-consuming job. With treated pine, you don't have to worry about pests as the treated wood will repel any pests.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a treated pine specialist.